Symetra Gateway Classic 2017 – Round 3

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Add three more to our total. Finished +6 for the event. It’s on to the Lotte Championship in a week. Aloha.

Liv Cheng won in a two hole playoff against Mena Harigae. She had Symetra player Brittany Yada on the bag for the final round.

Falcon Field Airport lies just down the road and there is a constant stream of aircraft either taking off or landing during play. The fourth fairway is perpendicular to the glide path and as we were about to tee off, a low and slow vintage DC3 was coming in for a landing from our left. It crossed in front of us and could have been easily hit with a tee shot which brought up the obvious question. What is the ruling?

I concluded it would be the same as hitting a bird. Find it and play it. A couple players thought that the power line rule would be in effect. You get a mandatory do-over. Maddie spotted an official and just had to ask. I was right.

Maddie’s dad is a Gonzaga alum. Class of 1970. GO BULLDOGS!

Tried the cod sandwich at Wendy’s yesterday. Don’t bother. Very unimpressive.

Looks like I’ll be staying in this area next week. Flying out of Phoenix on the 9th.

Watched the Champions Tour on the tube yesterday. Playing at my former place of employment, Fallen Oak in Biloxi MS. Don’t miss it one bit.

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