Stop The Madness!

April 3, 2017

Such a travesty what happened to Lexi.

Plenty of players misplace the ball as Lexi did on Saturday. I’ve seen it many times. Ones that I’m working for, or playing with. It’s totally inadvertent. It happens especially when the player approaches from the side and loses orientation with the hole. It would be pointless to call it on them because it’s impossible to prove. This is not to say that moving it purposely to avoid something in their line does not happen. I’m sure it does.

Why wait until 2019 to change that rule? The LPGA needs to do it now.

For those curious on the weight of the tour bags we lug around, so was I. Took my luggage scale to the course last week and it came to 36 lbs. Add more for bad weather with all the rain gear. Depending how the day is going, it may vary considerably. 🙂

Managed to get the same room at the Studio 6 as during the Founders Cup week. I like it when a plan works out.

I’ve been wearing BeVisable calf compression sleeves this season and I’m convinced they work. Not as tired when we finish but I look like a dork. Then again, is it the placebo effect? Heard all the top athletes are wearing compression sleeves so I fit right in. 🙂 If you see more caddies wearing them, don’t forget where it all started. Trend setter!

The last two weeks I’ve been skipping my daily GOFIT Ultimate ProGym workout, for various reasons, but got back into my routine yesterday. I be feelin’ good.

Then there was this:

I do! Now give me that 4-iron. Some LPGA players have their husbands as caddies

Lexi Thompson’s ANA Inspiration penalty is another major blunder for golf

PGA Tour veteran perfectly summed up the golf world’s reaction to Lexi Thompson’s heart-breaking …

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