Lotte Championship 2017- Round 1

My Player is Madeleine Sheils.

Got on the bogey train on our second nine and missed a few stops before exiting. Shot +5.

Torrential rain delayed the afternoon groups. I thought our dirt parking area would be a mud hole but it barley looked wet. Must have been super dry.

An ace on the the 16th hole during the final round wins a $68,000 Tesla. I talked to the rep and he drove hands free from Honolulu to the course. He tried to to line me up for the latest pre-production model but getting cross-country on a charge that lasts only 300 miles would be tough. It would be the perfect car for Hawaii though and the that one is only $36,000.

Tuesday we practiced early then played in the afternoon pro-am. We were only scheduled to play nine but our team was a no-show. We played anyway. Turned out out be a good practice round. Our standard bearers even tagged along.

Monday we played eighteen, practiced, then I had to walk the course. I was so whipped! The compression sleeves were way over matched.

Maddie is staying with a host family across the third green. Treated to gourmet food and gets to use their golf cart to go to the course. For her first time here, she’s getting the Hawaiian princess treatment.

Given the opportunity with such a convenient transport, Maddie drove the cart to the pro-am party but they only have valet parking. Cost her $25! We had a good laugh over that one.

Players receive guest food vouchers for the week to eat inside the clubhouse and Maddie was going to give them to me until they were “misplaced”. She plead her case with registration and they came up with a new set. Very unusual considering breakfast is $20 and lunch is another ten.

My Airbnb is not the best but I made the best of it. The sleeping choices were a futon or queen mattress on the floor. The futon was just short of rock hard but the mattress topped it. It was rock hard. Like sleeping directly on the floor. Then I noticed how flexible the mattress was so I double it over and put it on the futon. Perfect! One of the more comfortable sleeping surfaces I’ve come across.

The place doesn’t have wi-fi either so I using the one in the restaurant at the course. That’s why the posting delay.

I flew over on Sunday and everything worked just right. Parked at the Radisson for cheap and found a spot right up front, was TSA pre checked so I flew right through and boarded early finding a pace for my carry-on before the room ran out. They even delayed the flight a little to move bags around.

Just when we thought departure was eminent, the wind changed so we had to use the runway that took us over the city instead of the desert. That meant we needed more lift so the numbers had to recalculated which delayed us another thirty minutes.

Even with all that, by the time I picked up my rental car and arrived at the course, Maddie had just walked out of the clubhouse after watching The Maters playoff, and was on the range. Perfect timing.

When I arrived at Ko Olina, a native at the guard house greeted me with a smile and flashes the hang loose hand gesture. I instinctively tried to reciprocate and almost flipped him the bird. 🙂

Caddie bibs are $40 deposit this week but we get to keep the towel.

Heard a great story about a submerged golf cart and a baggie of cocaine that floated to the surface but that will have to wait for another time.

Then there was this:

Lotte extends title sponsorship of Hawaii’s LPGA Lotte Championship until 2020

LPGA Commissioner Mike Whan to be named Sports Executive of the Year

Masters green jacket found in thrift store sold at auction for nearly $140000

Former LPGA Tour champion Jan Stephenson speaks on career ahead of Symetra

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