Lotte Championship 2017 –Round 2

April 14, 2017

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Finished with a total of +10. On to Texas. It’s touch and go if we get in.

We were on the seventeen green when play was suspended yesterday. Lindy Duncan was playing with us and needed to shoot one under in the next two holes to make the cut. Faced with a short putt for bird on seventeen, she almost fell in the bunker lining it up. The putt just missed the left edge and nested hanging over the back edge of the hole.

That left us with the eighteenth which is the toughest hole on the course. A long par four with a water carry in front of a diabolical green. So treacherous, that a player actually putted it off the green into the water yesterday. But today, Lindy was not to be denied. She holed out for eagle with a six iron to make the cut by two.

Did you know that Maddie is the only Cornhusker to play on the LPGA?

Someone still owes four bucks for their yardage book. Didn’t have exact change and they they were trusted to come up with the rest.

Pro-am shenanigans. Mine are small but hard as coconuts. 🙂

Larry and Maddie Lotte pro-am 2017 closeup cropped

You can say that again!

FN3PUT plate

Early in the week I stopped in the caddie tent for a coffee and found some irresistible pastries next to the pot. Too big for one helping, I asked the man in change if a knife was available. He whipped out his pocket folder, which looked like a gutted fish had seen it’s last use, and cut me a piece. He then scooped it up with his hand and served it over. Did I eat it? You bet I did. Yummy!

During the rain delay yesterday, extra food was put out and you’d think it was the last meal of the condemned. A swarm of locusts couldn’t have done a better job of scarfing down every morsel.

rain delay eatig Lotte Championship

I’m surprised this guy didn’t lose his arm to the starving.

caddies eating aftermath

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