Lotte 2017- One And Out

Well that didn’t take long. Got the axe.

Going to Dallas anyway looking for a loop.

I buy another laser in Hawaii and a new lid at Van’s Golf Shop then get the boot. At least I got a 20% off the hat after mentioning my tour caddie status. 🙂

Might have set an all time personal record on least amount of money spent for food for the week. Only $5.51 and that was at McDonalds going to HNL on Sunday.

Arrived at PHX from HNL thirty minutes early. Got to love that jet stream.

Our LPGA super fan and volunteer received a complimentary TSA crotch pat down on his way back home. Over a million miles flown and he gets a loyalty check. What the eff is wrong with us?

Got a little nasty in the caddie tent after the final round regarding caddie bib deposits. A dozen loopers failed to pay the $40 and being Hawaii, they let them slide. Three were locals so they were known but the others had all kind of excuses. Some had top players to boot. I say, if they can’t come up with the required deposit, the caddie master should solicit the player for the cash. The shear embarrassment would stop the practice of trying to skip on the deposit.

Yesterday I lunched at In-n-Out. Single cheeseburger (grilled onions only), fries and a chocolate shake. Burrrp!

Spent a few hours with Quiet Dave here in Tucson. Caught up and shared a few laughs.

Staying at a Motel 6 on Benson Hwy. Could be the best 6 ever. Was a Quality Inn. May spend another day.


2 Responses to Lotte 2017- One And Out

  1. Matty G says:

    About the bib deposit point, while I was on tour I asked an international group of loopers with decades of experience which tours around the world, male or female, require a bib deposit. The answer was on the LPGA tour only.
    Now why does it work for every other tour in the world and not here? While you were away from tour 3 years ago the bib deposit money was stolen at the Canadian Open. Almost $2000! Why are we giving so much cash and responsibility to volunteers of a tournament? First they said “some caddy stole it”. When I pressed them for details, they backed off that statement and revised it to “we think it was a caddy”. Naturally I asked if a the police were notified? answer No. How about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who are present at every Canadian Open? Answer-NO Well surely you told the Tournament Director or some of the higher ups about the theft? Answer- We were too embarrassed to say anything.
    Long story short, no one got their deposit back even though after being told about the incident by me, Mike Whan said if he had known about it he would have replenished the stolen cash immediately form LPGA tour funds. Too little, too late.
    I can also think of at least five times 14 years when upon returning the bib there was no money left to return to me because of bad accounting or whatever. Money just simply disappears sometimes. How many times has the towel deposit money disappeared?? Too many to remember. Tournament volunteers in the caddy tent should not be taking cash and in turn responsible for it’s safe return.
    In the end we agree on the solution to the bib deposit problem, and the players may get involved but only in a failsafe capacity. I have a slightly different twist.
    There is absolutely no reason to take a deposit for a bib. Simply have the bibs on the tees and collect them after the round, as many tournaments already do.
    In the absence of adequate volunteer numbers, dispense the bibs on the honor system and if any bib is not returned then the player is charged by the tournament for the replacement bib. Problem solved and this way no volunteer is responsible for thousands of dollars in bib deposits and no caddy has to cough up money for no reason.

    Sorry you got the ax. Welcome back to tour!
    Matty G (axed more times than a Brazilian rain forest)

    • lifeontour says:

      You make so many good points. It’s called common sense which is not so common any more. Your sign-off is the best. 🙂

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