Texas Shootout 2017 – Tuesday

April 25, 2017

-3 qualified on Monday. Scores here.

Worked nine holes for Dana Finkelstein Sunday afternoon. It was an absolute joy.

The scores in the Symetra event last week were outrageously high. What happened?

Food in the caddie area is first rate. The same as they serve in player dining.

One of the caddies got stopped for going eight miles per hour over the speed limit by the local gendarmes with guns drawn. Apparently he didn’t pull over soon enough after they lit him up. All is well though. They apologized and set him on his way. Welcome to Texas!

PGA pro Joel Edwards is looping for Annie Park and David Esch (Annika’s former husband) is on Julie Yang’s bag.

Then there was this:

LPGA reacts to USGA, R&A announcement following Lexi Thompson ruling

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