VOA Texas Shootout 2017 – Round 1

April 27, 2017

I walked the back nine starting on the eighteenth. Play seemed extremely slow. Watched one group on the par four fifteenth. A tee ball went into the water and a shot to the green went over into the water (not the same player). The player had to go back to the fairway for her fourth shot. Even with all that, it took fifteen minutes for the next group to arrive and there still was a gap between the group behind.

When I approached the landing area on the par five tenth, two officers had their golf carts parked next to each other just outside the hazard that boarders the right side. When I was just a few feet away, a ball landed between them (about a foot of space), just misses me and stays dry a few feet from the hazard. It was the tee shot of Sandra Gal.

cops on carts Texas Shootout 2017

Unfortunately, her recovery shot hit the trees blocking the fairway. Made bogey.

Sandra Gal number 10 Texas Shootout

Caddies aren’t the only ones who leave there car running. One of the players did it earlier this week. Fortunately, they knew who it was and saved her the embarrassment of an empty tank.

I’ve run across a few LG TVs the past few years and hate them with a passion. They have a light sensing technology that dims the screen according to the ambient light and can’t be turned off in the settings. Makes the screen so dark it’s unwatchable. My work-around is a small flashlight aimed at the sensor. That keeps the screen at an optimum brightness.

Then there was this:

Lexi Thompson, through tears, addresses ANA snafu: ‘It was kind of a nightmare’

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