Fists Of Fury – Texas Shootout 2017 – Round 2

April 29, 2017

Figured yesterday would relinquish little fodder to pen but boy was I mistaken.

As the seventh group of the day was finishing on the par five eighteenth, players A and B laid up while C waited to go for it. The two were given the OK to walk up ahead during the wait but a change of mind precipitated the third player to also lay up. To save time, since all three were in no position to make the cut, A and B hit into the green. Everything seemed fine until handshakes were in order. C’s caddie refused, walked up to one of the other loopers and punched him in the chest! This was in response to a lack of respect for his player he said. Security was called and the local police took statements. No charges were pressed so the pugilistic bag-toter (who claimed self-defense) was not arrested.

Who was this looper with a readiness to rumble you ask? For those in the know, player C’s caddie was once a regular on the LPGA and known as Sir Whiff-a-Lot for his propensity to oversleep and whiff his tee time. He was fresh off the tour and lets hope that’s where he returns. BTW, he’s added about thirty pounds of muscle, to what was an ordinary frame, so Roid Rage is a possibility.

Then there was this:

Tour hands out first slow-play penalty in 22 years

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