Kingsmill Championship 2017 – Tuesday

May 16, 2017

I’m empty this week so far.

There once was a par three caddie contest here until the course was plowed under and used for villa construction. A $10,000 hole-in-one contest was substituted but has now evolved into a three hole closest-to-the pin contest with the winner on each hole receiving $300.

Two holes were used on the Plantation Course but the third was an improvisation resulting in an unusual finish. A tee was created among the trees and the eighteenth green on the tournament course was the target.

I believe Paul Martinez won the cash on this hole.

caddie contest 18th hole Kingsmill

A cookout with burgers, chicken, salad and beer followed.

Then there was this:

Golfer Kaylin Yost embraces hearing impairment, shares her story

LPGA legend Pak Se-ri to begin new career as TV commentator

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