Kingsmill Championship 2017 – Pro-Am

May 17, 2017

Nothing out of the ordinary except for Lexi Thompson landing on the first fairway after a tandem skydive. 🙂

Almost there.

Lexi Thompson skydive in air


Lexi Thompson skydive landing

It was another nine hole event with the amateur team changing pros at the turn but with a bit of a twist for one group. They switched from one Korda sister to the other. Very cool.

One of the guys had a good story to tell regarding this event in a previous year. His group played the back side first and as he traversed the steep decent off the seventeenth tee, his last step onto the lower tee was a slippery one. He fell backwards but the bag cushioned his fall. Assuming all was well, he continued on but when he arrived on number one, he noticed that the three wood cover was sitting significantly lower in the bag. He pulled it out and discovered the shaft was broken.

Not knowing what to do, advice was asked from another caddie in the group. “When should I tell her?” he queried. “Not until you need it.” was the answer. That happened on the par five seventh. It didn’t go over well.

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