Kingsmill Championship 2017 – Round 3

May 20, 2017

Every once and a while the equipment craps the bed. It happened to Scraper today as the bag strap fell apart. That’s when you have to do your best impression of MacGyver to get through the week and Scraper did not disappoint. He mended his bag strap with some rope and duck tape. A new sack is on the way.

Scraper fixiing bag Kingsmill

Did you know that Emily Tubert’s dad is actor and voice artist Marcelo Tubert?

My high pressure AC hose sprung a leak and so I took it took Meineke just down the street. The part had to be ordered but work was promised to be complete by the 5pm scheduled close of business. So I hitched a ride to the course with Rick and returned with Scraper.

Walked over at four hoping it was almost finished but Murphy’s Law was in full force. The part (redesigned) was no way close to the original and the tech was trying his best to make it fit. It was an impossible task so the old part was reinstalled. It was 6:30 by the time I drove away. They worked on it for four hours at no charge.

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