PA Instead of MI

Decided to blow off the Volvik event in Ann Arbor and go to Hazelton PA for the Pennsylvania Women’s Open.

FYI – Hazelton is the highest “city” in Pennsylvania according to the bartender in the clubhouse.

Forgot how bad the roads are in snow country. One pothole after the other.

The problem with my AC has turned into quite a puzzlement. Took it to the local Firestone this morning and they performed a recharge and checked for leaks with a dye injection. Ran it for half an hour and didn’t find a leak! So much for a bad hose. A potential $600 repair last week was $182 today. If the hose does turn out bad, I won’t have to pay for another recharge at any Firestone. That’s why I go to a national chain when traveling.

Then there was this:

Ha Na Jang rescinds LPGA card for Korea tour return – Doubt if anyone will shed a tear.

Pope brings artist’s flair to Kingsmill scoreboard

Liselotte Neumann’s strong finish carries her to victory in Legends Tour event – Way to go Lotta!

Kordas have fun paired in LPGA event for first time – Shot the same score each day.

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