ShopRite Classic 2017 – Wednesday

Heard an awful racket outside my motel door this morning so I investigate. Found it was a seagull getting some tail and the male was the noisemaker. More flying rats in the oven soon. 🙂

gulls have sex

When it rains… Two weeks ago it was my car’s AC unit but occasionally also had trouble starting. It would crank fine but not turn over. After multiple tries, it eventually did. Seemed like a fuel problem to me but would be difficult to diagnose unless it was constant so I let it go.

Well yesterday morning it crapped the bed so I called for a tow. I asked Bully for a ride to the course and he agreed. As they were loading my car onto the truck, Bully decided to fire his up. NOT! His battery was kaput. Mine is in the shop with a possible dead fuel pump and Bully called AAA and had a battery installed.

Wasn’t supposed to be done until tomorrow but after walking the three miles back from the course (had a ride but opted for the exercise) I stopped in to get something from my car and saw it on the lift. An hour later it was done. Which was nice.

About ten minutes into my walk back, I got a call from Brianna Do. She’s first alternate and needed a standby looper for the event and an E-9 tomorrow morning. Took the job.

Right down the street form the Seaview course sits Motel Tenacres. I remember the first time we came here the Petersons stayed there and it was a disgusting dump. Went out and bought cleaning supplies and gave it a good scrubbing. Looks like it’s come a long way from back then. Plenty of cars in the lot over the weekend.

Tenacres Motel

Plenty of US Open qualifiers this time of year and one looper will be doing two next week. The first in Massachusetts on Tuesday and the second in Florida on Friday. Pains me to even think about doing just one given it’s 36 holes.

Then there was this:

ShopRite extends LPGA Atlantic City event through 2023

Historic first for India as Aditi, Sharmila tee up at LPGA

Hope Solo is dabbling in golf, and the LPGA is here to help

3 Responses to ShopRite Classic 2017 – Wednesday

  1. pcb_duffer says:

    If Hope Solo is rehabbing a damaged / repaired shoulder, she *really* needs to stay away from mats at the driving range. Good for the LPGA for responding and trying to grow the game, but maybe they could mention that they don’t actually make the rules, they just play by them.

  2. Ozzcaddy says:

    Have I read the story wrong on the two Indian players playing this week!

    What about Simi Mehra playing on the LPGA Tour, she was Indian and a “princess” at that. Is she an outcast or was never recognised by her own country of India for her golfing ability.

  3. Xander says:

    I think it refers to the first time 2 Indian players are playing in the same LPGA event, not that its the first an Indian player plays an LPGA event.

    I always like it when an event renews more than 2 years. I find it’s usually agood sign for the longevity of an event. I hate one year renewals, it feels like they’re just kicking the can down the road.

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