Tullymore Classic 2017 – Round 1

June 30, 2017

My player is Jiayi Zhou.

-4 today. Best start so far.

The 2+ inches of rain forecast earlier in the week never happened. Got a sprinkling the other day so we played it down.

I went into the scoring tent to check our card as the scores are read but today it was in Chinese. Had to check visually.

There’s a caddie on tour who qualified three times in his younger days for the Junior World Championship. Would have been four except for a two shot penalty he received on the first tee for not wearing a belt. DOH! Missed it by one. Who gave him the shots? It was former LPGA professional Mary Bea Porter.

Then there was this:

Nike co-founder says not even Tiger Woods could make golf profitable

Golfer’s mom goes into water for broken golf club at French Open

Natalie Gulbis reportedly considering run for US Congress

Tullymore Classic 2017 – Wednesday

June 28, 2017

My player is Jiayi Zhou.

Touched them all yesterday and replayed the back this morning. Got to the green on our first hole and noticed the putter was absent. Had to go back to Jiayi’s car for retrieval.

Three new tees have been put into play. Five, nine and seventeen were adjusted.

The course is a bit soft  but will be getting a good soaking today and soft will turn to mush.

One of the members said this is the last year for this event. No reason given but usually it’s about money.

A volunteer looper double-bagged it for nine holes yesterday after a player became too tired at the turn. He’s a better man than I.

Then there was this:

Vandals return to Golf Club of Houston, cause major damage to greens

Delhi Golf Club denies entry to Meghalaya woman for ‘looking like maid’

Liz Breed committed to chasing her dream

McGill relives US Women’s Am triumph at San Diego CC

Island Resort Championship 2017 – Round 3

June 25, 2017

My player is Jiayi Zhou.

We made it to the tee but that was it. Lightning halted play once more and we never resumed. 36 holes was all she wrote.

Then there was this:

Tracy Hanson Initiative hits Holland

Island Resort Championship 2017 – Round 2

June 24, 2017

My player is Jiayi Zhou.

Two more under today.

Made it in just in time. The sky opened up as we were tallying our scores and shortly after, lightning put a halt to play.

After some delay but still waiting to resume play, I walked over to the snack shack to cash in my food voucher and found one of my favorite players downing a Miller Lite even though she wasn’t finished. With just one putt to complete and no chance of making the cut, it seemed like the perfect time to indulge.

Following some chit-chat, she asked me to stake her $400 for a round of gambling tonight. Must have been the beer talking. 🙂

An alternative method to pass the time seemed obvious to this caddie.

Piyapattra caddie at slot machine

Then there was this:

HK golf star Tiffany Chan won’t let Symetra Tour success sway her from the LPGA Tour

Island Resort Championship 2017 – Round 1

June 23, 2017

My player is Jiayi Zhou.

Played in the afternoon and the wind howled. Still managed to shoot –1.

Attended the rules meeting yesterday. I always learn something new.

Congrats to Nicole Sakamoto and Jeni Jenq for winning their flight in the Bassters Fishing Derby. Nicole also took the prize for the biggest fish caught at over three pounds and hit on the pro-am party roulette spin for big bucks.

Then there was this:

Phil Mickelson to take on LPGA’s best in skills challenge

All golfing roads lead east as Gullane is named as host to 2018 Scottish Opens

China’s Government Tightens Its Grip On Golf, Shuts Down Courses

It’s still early, but Tiger’s new Chicago course could become the best urban track in America

Sandra Palmer, Nancy Scranton To Be Inducted Into Legends Hall Of Fame At French Lick Resort

Catriona Matthew ‘proud’ to see Scottish Opens at Gullane

Golf injuries can lead to more golf injuries

Island Resort Championship 2017 – Wednesday

June 21, 2017

My player is Jiayi Zhou.

Early nine this morning ahead of the afternoon pro-am. Glorious weather unlike yesterday which started cold and ended wet.

Speaking of wet, it’s been raining here on and off for many days so we’ll be playing it up for sure. Sweetgrass affected by heavy rain

The “Bassters Fishing Derby” is tomorrow and our group noticed the sign by the fifteenth green. None of them being fishermen (or is it fisherwomen?), the term was confused with “bastards”. I quickly corrected the mistake. 🙂 Here are the pics from last year.

Then there was this:

Hit a Golf Ball, Feed a Fish During Connecticut River Promotion

Elderly golf fan who died at US Open lost wife three days earlier

Earthquake strikes near Augusta National, scaring locals

Hannah Green boosts LPGA Tour card quest – With Pablo on the bag.

Cristie Kerr leads fans at Wrigley Field during the seventh-inning stretch

Decatur-Forsyth Classic 2017 – Round 2

June 18, 2017

My player is Jiayi Zhou.

Eighteen straight pars and missed the cut by one. Jiayi hit it so well it could have been sixty-five easy.

Oh well, on to Harris but the weather forecast looks awful for next week. Will be spending a lot of time in the casino.

A question for Holly Sonders. Are they real and are they spectacular? Jerry Seinfeld would like to know.

Then there was this:

The cost of touring

Decatur-Forsyth Classic 2017 – Round 1

June 16, 2017

My player is Jiayi Zhou.

Even par for today. Played easy.

The other caddie in the group asked if Jiayi and me were related. You be the judge.


Me in Guiness hat

Lexi Thompson is not the only player I know of who had to give skydiving a try. Jiayi took the plunge last year in San Diego from 4,000 feet.

Then there was this:

Evidence of E. coli bacteria found in hydration station at U.S. Open at Erin Hills

Decatur-Forsyth Classic 2017 – Practice

June 15, 2017

My player is Jiayi Zhou.

Played the back nine this morning then a touch of practice. Afterward I watched a bit of the Open in the clubhouse with my friend Miller. He’s less filling.

Touched them all on Tuesday. Heat index of 105° made it a long day. Yesterday’s practice was called off (at least with me anyway) so stimulation conversation at the course was the order of the day.

Former LPGA Official Jim Haley (aka Comet) is back on tour helping out officiating. Besides this week, he’ll be in Harris MI, Rochester and Battle Creek. Portland and Indy are also on his schedule on the LPGA.

In my quest to find the best chicken with garlic sauce in the US, I tried Asia House just across the street from my motel. It was OK but didn’t make the grade. Too sweet for my taste.

Then there was this:

Dye’s victory winnings will help African village

Attention LPGA golf fans: Her name is now Amy Olson

McDonald is proof FireKeepers event can be a major boost for LPGA prospects

Wentworth golf club members face expulsion if they publicly criticise its owners

Wascana golf club to host LPGA event in ’18

Decatur-Forsyth Classic 2017 – Monday

June 12, 2017

My player is Jiayi Zhou.

There’s an afternoon pro-am but that’s about it. Taking it easy.

Congrats to Kendall Dye with Billy Prentice on the bag for their stellar performance in the final round last week. That’s the way you play on Sunday folks.

Kudos to the American farmer. The realization of the sacrifices endured by farming families hits home when driving through the miles and miles of farm land as I did on my trip to Decatur. The isolation alone would try my sanity, what’s left of it.

I’ve been having trouble using Google Maps lately. The instructions on when to turn was lagging about a half mile behind which forced me to constantly glance at the map. Through an internet search, it was suggested I reset my GPS satellite locations using a tool in the GPS Status & Toolbox app. Seemed to do the trick. Instructions are now on the money.

It was one day late but I had a birthday brew with Tom Borwick at Wings ECT. last week. Tom treated and of course I ordered the large mug. 🙂

Me and Tom Borwick at Wings belated birthday celebration

Then there was this:

Watch Kevin Na go on a rant about Erin Hills’ rough for the U.S. Open

Golf isn’t dying in Illinois. Here’s why.

Making of a Golf Course: Death, intrigue shadow Erin Hills

Davis Love III will caddie for son, Dru, at US Open

Blair O’Neal featured at Lake Tahoe ACC celebrity golf event

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