Four Winds Invitational 2017 – Round 1

My player is Alex Milan.

Was hoping I would get an under par round birthday present but it was not to be. Shot +4.

The 15% chance of rain turned into a downpour accompanied by thunder just before we teed off. Wasn’t much of a delay and we played our round without another drop.

I’m driving back from the course and hit some real nasty bumps which activated my “check engine” light. So I opened my Torque Lite app which connects to an OBD II scanner I have installed. It showed a small emissions leak. Got back to the motel, opened the hood and found one of the hoses was disconnected. Plugged it in and cleared the codes. All is well once more.

Went deep at the New Balance store for my present then got a legitimate call from the IRS saying I owe them money. I filed an amended return and asked them to call since I’m on the road. Can’t believe they did.

Then there was this:

Class A LPGA Teaching Pro Now Pursuing LPGA as a Player

One Response to Four Winds Invitational 2017 – Round 1

  1. Ozzcaddy says:

    You could end up being a mobile mechanic on tour. I can honestly say that not too many people know how to use a diagnostic app for cars or even know about them. Good DIY Larry.

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