Decatur-Forsyth Classic 2017 – Practice

My player is Jiayi Zhou.

Played the back nine this morning then a touch of practice. Afterward I watched a bit of the Open in the clubhouse with my friend Miller. He’s less filling.

Touched them all on Tuesday. Heat index of 105° made it a long day. Yesterday’s practice was called off (at least with me anyway) so stimulation conversation at the course was the order of the day.

Former LPGA Official Jim Haley (aka Comet) is back on tour helping out officiating. Besides this week, he’ll be in Harris MI, Rochester and Battle Creek. Portland and Indy are also on his schedule on the LPGA.

In my quest to find the best chicken with garlic sauce in the US, I tried Asia House just across the street from my motel. It was OK but didn’t make the grade. Too sweet for my taste.

Then there was this:

Dye’s victory winnings will help African village

Attention LPGA golf fans: Her name is now Amy Olson

McDonald is proof FireKeepers event can be a major boost for LPGA prospects

Wentworth golf club members face expulsion if they publicly criticise its owners

Wascana golf club to host LPGA event in ’18

4 Responses to Decatur-Forsyth Classic 2017 – Practice

  1. big jim says:

    So Professor, where is the best chicken with garlic sauce to be found???

  2. Ozzcaddy says:

    Larry, you look more like Stan Laurel from Laurel and Hardy fame:)

    Have a good day tomorrow.


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