Island Resort Championship 2017 – Round 2

June 24, 2017

My player is Jiayi Zhou.

Two more under today.

Made it in just in time. The sky opened up as we were tallying our scores and shortly after, lightning put a halt to play.

After some delay but still waiting to resume play, I walked over to the snack shack to cash in my food voucher and found one of my favorite players downing a Miller Lite even though she wasn’t finished. With just one putt to complete and no chance of making the cut, it seemed like the perfect time to indulge.

Following some chit-chat, she asked me to stake her $400 for a round of gambling tonight. Must have been the beer talking. 🙂

An alternative method to pass the time seemed obvious to this caddie.

Piyapattra caddie at slot machine

Then there was this:

HK golf star Tiffany Chan won’t let Symetra Tour success sway her from the LPGA Tour

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