FireKeepers Championship 2017 – Round 3

July 30, 2017

My player is Ruixin Liu.

Birdied the last two to finish –4 for the event. It was a good week.

Went out for lunch with the boss and her parents at Red Lobster after we finished. Way too much food. Did our best adding to the obesity epidemic.

FireKeepers Championship 2017 – Round 2

July 29, 2017

My player is Ruixin Liu.

That’s more better. Three under today and that’s with a double.

We were paired with Maia Schechter and Emma Talley. These three could be the fastest group out here. No over thinking. Just set up and hit it.

A huge thank you goes out to Zachary Hagan. He found my cell phone by the fifteenth tee (lost it on the way t the parking lot) and turned it in to the snack shop then emailed me. On the home screen I posted “if found email” and he did. Knew it would pay off one day. 🙂

Then there was this:

Trouble for US Solheim Cup team? The captain says no

Players shooting in the 90s at Senior Open

FireKeepers Championship 2017 – Round 1

July 28, 2017

My player is Ruixin Liu.

+1 today. I went brain dead for awhile. Must of been that Sam’s hot dog I lunched on.

We were in the pro-am yesterday and three tents were set up with some local fare for the participants. Tacos and ribs were offered at two stations. Very tasty. There was a third option but it was salad. Salad? Really?

I never took a close look at Rachel’s grips but the other day one of our playing partners did. They’re from Showtime Grips and has pictures of her childhood and other things embedded in them. Former LPGA club repairman Mickey Novak is co-owner of the company.

The price of gas jumped 35 cents in a day but Sam’s Club was still $2.13. Took advantage and paid with my Sam’s credit card. That’s another 5% back.

Then there was this:

Rick Smith opening academy at Trump National Doral as Jim McLean is set to move after 26 years

Spanning the history of the LPGA, Shirley Spork tells her stories

Former pro golfers come to Alaska to help future players

Symetra Tour pro becomes first gold medalist in golf at the Deaflympics

FireKeepers Championship 2017 – Tuesday

July 25, 2017

My player is Ruixin Liu.

Touched them all today. Made seven birdies. I owe a lot of ice cream treats.

Rachel has never seen any of these courses but it’s just golf. She putts her ball out and usually walks on. No need to chip and putt to every possible pin position.

A few of us are staying at the Rodeway Inn. It’s only $200 for the week out the door and we’re getting our money’s worth. I don’t have a door to the bathroom and have to use my own power strip for the fridge/micro combo. Tom had a computer monitor for a TV that only gets 7 of the 20 channels offered and has to be unplugged to turn off. His drapes also didn’t cover the windows fully so the security light streams in at bedtime. The first room he was shown had a hole above the lock that was only covered by a coaster. Eventually changed rooms again. Door number three seems to be the one.

Of course, customized outdoor seating is encouraged – in keeping with all upscale establishments of this type – and this fine specimen is just a couple doors down. Wonder where the rest of the car is?

Rodeway Inn chair

As is the trend in such tourist courts, modern day Neanderthals fill the majority of the “suites” and congregate on the stoops with family and friends – in the twilight of the evening – discussing the day’s accomplishments. Nothing like quality family time.

The big tour takes their turn across the pond this week in Scotland. Just for fun I checked the weather and the tournament days are forecast to be wet and windy. Only fitting.

Then there was this:

Marathon Classic: Lewis, Pressel don’t get the kind of tourney they were looking for

What’s gone wrong with Lydia Ko? Well, not much, actually

Danielle Downey Classic 2017 – Round 2

July 21, 2017

My player is Ruixin Liu.

Had five to play in round one then competed round two. 3+1= no cut for you! See you in Battle Creek.

This is the first time I had my tires rotated since I bought them. The last time there was a radial pull and crisscrossing the fronts fixed it. Again there is a pull to the right and the same fix applied. Should not have to do that again.

Then there was this:

Symetra Tour players find creative ways to lessen struggle of making ends meet

Lexi Thompson mocks LPGA Tour’s strict new dress code with hilarious Instagram post

Danielle Downey Classic 2017 – Pro-Am

July 19, 2017

My player is Ruixin Liu.

Played the back nine early then Emma Jandel took over.

“Upstate Jay” was in town looking for a bag but I think he was shutout. He did manage to work the event at Peak ‘n’ Peak for Dan MaCarthy. They shot 70-70-70-70 which is the age Upstate will be later this year. How Appropriate.

Then there was this:

Evian purse increase ($3.65 mil) makes it LPGA’s 2nd largest

ShopRite LPGA Classic has new dates and a secure future

Danielle Downey Classic 2017 – Tuesday

July 18, 2017

My player is Ruixin Liu.

Played eleven holes this afternoon.

Touched them all yesterday. An early morning celestial deluge turned much of the course into swamp land. Much drier today.

This is the most uncomfortable bag I have ever toted and it’s a Sunday bag to boot. The straps are so thin they cut into my shoulders and it’s extremely bottom heavy. Don’t know what’s in it but it’s all necessary according to the boss. I have two tour loops and will try a MacGyver fix.

Plenty of reaction to Coffee Joe’s pic on Facebook. Looks like he’s adjusted well to life in the real world.

In my quest for the ultimate chicken in garlic sauce, I found another loser. China Garden in Henrietta doesn’t come close.

Then there was this:

Vadala keeps professional women’s golf alive in Rochester

Where’s The Beef?

July 17, 2017

“Coffee Joe” knows where it’s at. The Kroger Flagship Store in Cincinnati. Tom Borwick snapped these pics during a recent visit.

Coffee Joe behind meat display

Always there to help with pulling a club or picking what’s for dinner.

Coffee Joe helping lady

Then there was this:

LPGA accused of ‘slut-shaming’ over new women’s golf dress code

Austin Ernts keeps LPGA career all in the family

Biding My Time

July 15, 2017

Drove all the way to Bath NY on Friday. Rained from Cincy to Columbus. Kept getting flash flood warnings on my phone. Nasty!

Bath is just 20 miles from Corning so I stopped in for a look and a bite. Corning Country Club was bustling. Some kind of tournament in progress.

Lunched at Anniello’s Pizzeria. Meatball sub and a beer hit the spot.

meetball sub and beer Corning NY

Walked Market St. from end to end. Ran across familiar haunts like the R&M Restaurant and Bar and Rico’s Pizza, Boston Ralph’s favorite. Was it the pizza or being across the street from the OTB that Ralph liked the most? Probably both.

R&M Corning NY

Rico's Pizza Corning NY

Who can forget Sorge’s Italian Restaurant? It was closed after a fire but reopened and still going strong.

Sorge's Corning NY

Stayed at the Days Inn and a tour bus comprised of French tourists pulled in Friday evening. Called themselves Les Diplomates. Vive la France!

Checked-in to the Super 8 in Henrietta NY today. Used Priceline and got a very good deal. As I was waiting, I noticed a lady having trouble getting the luggage cart inside do I helped out. She had a cat in a carrier, two bags of cat food and a couple of tires. Nothing like traveling light. 🙂

cat and tires on luggage cart Super 8 Rochester

Heard Betty Burfeindt’s caddie was in full “club caddie” mode in the final round during the Senior LPGA Championship. She was ready to kill him by the end.

Then there was this:

Sky faces golf embarrassment after losing rights to next month’s US PGA

LPGA Tour announces strict new dress code banning leggings, ‘plunging’ necklines

Trump golf course may not host Scottish Open due to concern over ‘politics’

Senior LPGA Championship –2017 – Round 3

July 12, 2017

Walked the back nine and found Kris Tschetter in a bit of a predicament on the 11th hole. It was a short shot but not easy. Pulled it off though. Made par.

Kris Tschetter 2nd shot 11th hole

Here’s Cindy Figg-Currier on her second to the par five 18th.

Cindy Figg Currier 2nd shot 18th hole French Lick

It was a hot one today. One caddie only made it six holes but wished to continue when her player made the turn. Don’t know if she did.

Tom was paired with Betty Burfeindt so I asked him to ask her if she remembers Larry Macchia. She said “Sure. They called him Burfeindt Larry and was a good caddie.”

Managed to get access to player dining today. Great BBQ but the highlight was the chocolate nut cookie. Incredibly decadent!

Seattle’s Best Coffee was the only java offered. So strong I had to dilute it with half water and add sugar.

Tom and me had dinner with Lisa DePaulo, Jane Crafter, Theresa Durand and a couple local caddies yesterday. Lisa cooked steak and chicken outside her RV and we washed it down with a couple of cold ones.

Then there was this:

Symetra tour returning to area in 2018-19

Former All-American golfer Stacy Prammanasudh to be inducted into TU Athletic Hall of Fame

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