Donald Ross Centennial Classic – Wednesday

My player is Jiayi Zhou.

Played nine this morning. Putted a bit and we were done.

We touched them all yesterday but that was an unofficial practice round so we were on buggies. Thank god.

This is by far the hilliest effing course I’ve had the displeasure of laboring on. Picture a melding of Wheeling and Industry Hills situated along the Appalachian Trail. That may be a bit of a stretch but it’s close.

There are only two holes that are relatively flat. Most of the others have an elevated tee to a valley fairway then the reverse going back to the green. Even a couple of the par threes do the same.

I’ve caddied on courses with steeper climbs but not the consistent up down, up down, up down as this one. I may have to double the dose of my pharmaceutical intake this week.

Donald Ross Course French Lick four green

Then there are the greens. I thought the Pennsylvania Open greens were out of place for the times. These are worse. Imagine what the green speeds were a century ago then updated to today’s standards. Plenty of slope and many levels will challenge even the best of putters.

Don’t expect anyone to set any scoring records this week unless it’s on the high side. Hope I’m wrong.

This is the centennial celebration (that’s a hundred years for you snowflakes) of this ball buster and the staff is regaled in plus fours to honor “The Donald” (Ross that is) and a complimentary Moon Pie is given to all who play.

Bill and Troy in their plus fours Donald Ross Course French Liak

Got an offer to go the China in September but I’d have to think long and hard about that one. Everything paid for and big money but twenty hours on a plane might put me in a straight jacket or body bag.

Players were encouraged to hit a shot off the first tee, using historic replicas of hickory shafted sticks, in honor of the centennial celebration of this Donald Ross course. Here’s Wanasa Zhou demonstrating the lefty technique of looping with a bag full of faux classics.

Wanasa Zhou toting centennial bag

Tried the garlic chicken at the place next door. Looked like cat barf and had an odd aroma but still edible. Not even close as the best.

Staying at the Lane’s Motel right down the street. Can’t beat the location. Neat and clean and the best price around even though it’s a tad high.

No parking at the course. We park next to the range which is in town and get a shuttle bus. This goes for players and caddies. Trolleys aren’t the easiest to stow on board either but we’ll have to make do.

Charged us an extra $5 for the yardage book this week. Wonder who’s pocket that went into?

Players received a nice gift bag this week. Included was a picture book of Donald Ross golf courses. Must weigh five pounds by itself. Glad that won’t be in the bag.

Heard there was a clothing malfunction at the KPMG last week concerning some caddies. Guess they forgot the dress code and it was noticed.


4 Responses to Donald Ross Centennial Classic – Wednesday

  1. Hendrik Sharples says:

    Look into breaking your flight up into two parts. Honolulu is a good halfway point. Or from LAX you can get to Beijing in 12-14 hours.

  2. Ozzcaddy says:

    Larry, This may have been one of Donald Ross’s first golf course designs and he learnt from his mistakes.

    All expenses paid, you may be up the pointy end of the plane?

    The extra money for the yardage book was probably to pay for the physio after walking it.

    Have a good week – take it as easy as you can:)


  3. thepasta80s says:

    Definitely look at breaking up the flight. It’s a free trip!

  4. pcb_duffer says:

    If you ever get the chance, try playing (* NOT WALKING *) the Gatlinburg Golf Course in Tennessee. I’ve played it twice, and couldn’t stop laughing either time. I could really understand why the call me a flatlander.

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