Donald Ross Centennial Classic – Round 3

My player is Jiayi Zhou.

+4 today. 😦 Finished way back in the pack.

Jiayi is heading back home so starting in Rochester, I’ll be working for Ruixin Liu.

As we were about to head to the tee, a buzz was circulating that a player had overslept and might miss her tee time. Turned out to be Sarah Schmelzel who was in our group. While waiting to hit our first shot of the day, Sarah came sprinting up with her caddie and made it inside the ropes with twenty-five seconds to spare.

As told by her, the alarm failed and daylight, when there should have been darkness, signaled disaster. The clock displayed 8AM and our tee time was 8:14. Thanks to a friend, who gave her best impression of NASCAR contestant which included running the roadblock that crosses the ninth fairway, she got to the course on time.

Mindy Moore, Murle Breer, Sally Little, Shelly Hamlin, Jane Blalock, Debbie Austin, Sandra Haynie, Jan Stephenson and Sandra Palmer were the Honors Division players that were sandwiched between the last few groups of the day. Results here.


3 Responses to Donald Ross Centennial Classic – Round 3

  1. Ozzcaddy says:

    JIayi was even with Ruixin for the first 2 rounds, then Ruixin had a good final round and made a big move.

    Safe travels to Rochester.

  2. Jay says:

    were the senior women players hitting from the same tees as the symetra tour players?

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