Senior LPGA Championship 2017 – Round 1

July 10, 2017

Saw some old friends at the Pete Dye-abolical course and walked the front nine. Another ball-buster of a walk but I did see a few loopers jogging down the fairway.

Took plenty of pics and will compile a Facebook album. Will post a link when it’s done.

Back in the old days, it was the local saloon where all the caddies hung out but in more modern times – on the geriatric circuit – it’s the local DQ. Mark Scott, Pete Smith (a geriatric wannabe 🙂 ) and Lane Kjeldsen stopped by for an ice cream treat yesterday.

Mark Scott_Pete Smith_Lane Kjeldsen Frenck Lick IN 2017

Chuck Berkey, Tommy Tomas and Tom Borwick showed also.

Larry Smich_Pete Smith_Mark Scott_Lane Kjeldsen_CHuck Berkey_Tommy Thomas_Tom Borwick French Lick In 2017

We went around the table naming the first player each of us worked for when we came to Mark Scott. His was Liselotte Neumann and they’ve been together twenty-nine years!

Jan Stephenson also stopped in for a dipped cone to celebrate her third consecutive Honors Division win at the Seniors LPGA Championship.

Feel like I’ve shrunk down to nothing after walking those hills last week but it’s all an illusion.

Larry sitting on Legendz chair French Lick IN

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