Senior LPGA Championship –2017 – Round 3

Walked the back nine and found Kris Tschetter in a bit of a predicament on the 11th hole. It was a short shot but not easy. Pulled it off though. Made par.

Kris Tschetter 2nd shot 11th hole

Here’s Cindy Figg-Currier on her second to the par five 18th.

Cindy Figg Currier 2nd shot 18th hole French Lick

It was a hot one today. One caddie only made it six holes but wished to continue when her player made the turn. Don’t know if she did.

Tom was paired with Betty Burfeindt so I asked him to ask her if she remembers Larry Macchia. She said “Sure. They called him Burfeindt Larry and was a good caddie.”

Managed to get access to player dining today. Great BBQ but the highlight was the chocolate nut cookie. Incredibly decadent!

Seattle’s Best Coffee was the only java offered. So strong I had to dilute it with half water and add sugar.

Tom and me had dinner with Lisa DePaulo, Jane Crafter, Theresa Durand and a couple local caddies yesterday. Lisa cooked steak and chicken outside her RV and we washed it down with a couple of cold ones.

Then there was this:

Symetra tour returning to area in 2018-19

Former All-American golfer Stacy Prammanasudh to be inducted into TU Athletic Hall of Fame


One Response to Senior LPGA Championship –2017 – Round 3

  1. Ozzcaddy says:

    Sounds Like a Aussie BBQ outside the RV, without the fly’s. Jane can fill you in Aussie BBQ’s and Fly’s

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