Biding My Time

Drove all the way to Bath NY on Friday. Rained from Cincy to Columbus. Kept getting flash flood warnings on my phone. Nasty!

Bath is just 20 miles from Corning so I stopped in for a look and a bite. Corning Country Club was bustling. Some kind of tournament in progress.

Lunched at Anniello’s Pizzeria. Meatball sub and a beer hit the spot.

meetball sub and beer Corning NY

Walked Market St. from end to end. Ran across familiar haunts like the R&M Restaurant and Bar and Rico’s Pizza, Boston Ralph’s favorite. Was it the pizza or being across the street from the OTB that Ralph liked the most? Probably both.

R&M Corning NY

Rico's Pizza Corning NY

Who can forget Sorge’s Italian Restaurant? It was closed after a fire but reopened and still going strong.

Sorge's Corning NY

Stayed at the Days Inn and a tour bus comprised of French tourists pulled in Friday evening. Called themselves Les Diplomates. Vive la France!

Checked-in to the Super 8 in Henrietta NY today. Used Priceline and got a very good deal. As I was waiting, I noticed a lady having trouble getting the luggage cart inside do I helped out. She had a cat in a carrier, two bags of cat food and a couple of tires. Nothing like traveling light. 🙂

cat and tires on luggage cart Super 8 Rochester

Heard Betty Burfeindt’s caddie was in full “club caddie” mode in the final round during the Senior LPGA Championship. She was ready to kill him by the end.

Then there was this:

Sky faces golf embarrassment after losing rights to next month’s US PGA

LPGA Tour announces strict new dress code banning leggings, ‘plunging’ necklines

Trump golf course may not host Scottish Open due to concern over ‘politics’


2 Responses to Biding My Time

  1. Chuck P says:

    Larry, Great seeing those pics of Corning. Boy, does that bring back some wonderful memories. Caddie favorite stop of the year. They treated us like kings. Remember “white hots” and the Post Time Pub.

  2. Ozzcaddy says:

    Corning was always a welcomed stop. Everyone associated with the LPGA was always welcomed by the Corning community. It was the first place I had a haircut in the US, and it was frightening. Too long here too explain. Still good memories.


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