Danielle Downey Classic 2017 – Tuesday

July 18, 2017

My player is Ruixin Liu.

Played eleven holes this afternoon.

Touched them all yesterday. An early morning celestial deluge turned much of the course into swamp land. Much drier today.

This is the most uncomfortable bag I have ever toted and it’s a Sunday bag to boot. The straps are so thin they cut into my shoulders and it’s extremely bottom heavy. Don’t know what’s in it but it’s all necessary according to the boss. I have two tour loops and will try a MacGyver fix.

Plenty of reaction to Coffee Joe’s pic on Facebook. Looks like he’s adjusted well to life in the real world.

In my quest for the ultimate chicken in garlic sauce, I found another loser. China Garden in Henrietta doesn’t come close.

Then there was this:

Vadala keeps professional women’s golf alive in Rochester

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