FireKeepers Championship 2017 – Tuesday

July 25, 2017

My player is Ruixin Liu.

Touched them all today. Made seven birdies. I owe a lot of ice cream treats.

Rachel has never seen any of these courses but it’s just golf. She putts her ball out and usually walks on. No need to chip and putt to every possible pin position.

A few of us are staying at the Rodeway Inn. It’s only $200 for the week out the door and we’re getting our money’s worth. I don’t have a door to the bathroom and have to use my own power strip for the fridge/micro combo. Tom had a computer monitor for a TV that only gets 7 of the 20 channels offered and has to be unplugged to turn off. His drapes also didn’t cover the windows fully so the security light streams in at bedtime. The first room he was shown had a hole above the lock that was only covered by a coaster. Eventually changed rooms again. Door number three seems to be the one.

Of course, customized outdoor seating is encouraged – in keeping with all upscale establishments of this type – and this fine specimen is just a couple doors down. Wonder where the rest of the car is?

Rodeway Inn chair

As is the trend in such tourist courts, modern day Neanderthals fill the majority of the “suites” and congregate on the stoops with family and friends – in the twilight of the evening – discussing the day’s accomplishments. Nothing like quality family time.

The big tour takes their turn across the pond this week in Scotland. Just for fun I checked the weather and the tournament days are forecast to be wet and windy. Only fitting.

Then there was this:

Marathon Classic: Lewis, Pressel don’t get the kind of tourney they were looking for

What’s gone wrong with Lydia Ko? Well, not much, actually

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