Sioux Falls Challenge 2017 – Round 1

August 31, 2017

My player is Wanassa Zhou.

Decent start. -1

At one time there were 58 alternates for this week and now there are none. A weak field in Portland, an important Chinese tournament and out of the way travel has taken its toll.

I was hanging around the check-in table during yesterday’s pro-am when a conversation between a contestant and the registrar led to an unusual subject. Both had heart surgery and were comparing procedures. Reminded me of the scene in Jaws where Quint and Matt Hooper were trying to outdo each other with tales of physical maladies due to their life experiences.

Then there was this:

In Harvey’s wake, Houston golf community confronts devastation, maintains perspective

Hello Sioux Falls

August 27, 2017

Arrived at 2:30 in the afternoon.

Left Columbus MS Thursday morning. It was a short drive to Holly Springs National Forest ranger station in Oxford, Mississippi to pick up my lifetime America The Beautiful pass for $10. A computer snafu had me waiting but didn’t make much difference to me.

Those bastards at Pep Boys tried to eff me again. Ever since Harris MI (barley started after sitting for a few days), I knew my battery was on its last legs and this morning I got another warning. Stared slow so I decided on a replacement.

A few days earlier, I received an email from Pep Boys stating that the $15 credit I earned form my fuel pump replacement was going to expire at the end of next month. The only store along my route was in Springfield MO so I scheduled a stop and overnight stay.

After all was said and done, the bill came to $130. A little steep I thought but paid it none the less and went along my way. Then I decided to scrutinize the charges. Noticed extras I wasn’t told about and they didn’t even apply my credit. Back I went and received a $30 refund. That’s more like it. If you ever decide to use Pep Boys, make sure all charges are explained before authorizing repairs. They always add on extras. Then get a second opinion.

Omaha was my next stop. Used some reward points and received a free night at the Rodeway Inn. Sweet.

AC acting up again. Made an appointment at Firestone in Omaha for this morning but they didn’t have it and couldn’t fit me in. Will stop there again on the 4th on the way to Garden City. The recharge is free but need to find the leak.

Before you suggest getting another car,  I’d rather pay a few hundred than many thousands. Still runs great. Oops! Just put it on myself. 😦

Q-School 1st Stage 2017

August 25, 2017

Three hundred sixty-one hopefuls teed it up starting yesterday in Rancho Mirage. Many shouldn’t bother trying but I guess the experience is worth the entry fee. Don’t know what else the reason would be. One thing is for sure, it’s a gold mine for the LPGA.

August 28th is the last day folks 62 and older can purchase a lifetime America The Beautiful pass for only $10. Rises to $80 after that.

Then there was this:

Barker, three former Lady Raiders partake in qualifier for LPGA and Symetra Tours

Former Golfer Karyn Lee Ping in LPGA Qualifying School This Week

Six Former Gators Attend LPGA Qualifying School

Nguyen Begins LPGA Qualifying School Thursday

Texas Tech senior golfer Barker, three former Lady Raiders head

Watanabe to Compete in LPGA and Symetra Tour Qualifying

Ten Canadians chasing tour cards in Stage I of LPGA Qualifying School

Chef Mike

August 20, 2017

Hung out with Country Club Mike at Mossy Oak yesterday. He was working the grill and doing a superb job as ambassador for the club.

Country Club working the grill at Mossy Oak

Beautiful day for dogs, burgers and brats.

Country Club working the grill at Mossy Oak with chips

Decided to go up to Sioux Falls after all. Working for Wanassa Zhou then Kendall Dye in Garden City.

Then there was this:

Judge grants Augusta National request to temporarily halt green jacket auction

Laura Davies to compete in men’s European Senior Tour event

All Drugged Up

August 9, 2017

I’ve been battling a sore throat and cough for the last two weeks. OTC drugs haven’t made a dent so I went to Urgent Care down the road. They gave me a steroid shot and prescription for a decongestant and antibiotic. Told to change my tooth brush every five days to avoid re-contamination. Found a six pack for $1. Made in China of course. Who knows what they made them from?

The nurse practitioner and her aide swear I resemble Jon Voight. In fact, one said we could be twins. I got that before. In fact, in Toledo once a guy said to his buddy, “Hey look, Jon Voight is caddying.” True story.

Got another job offer on the Symetra. That makes three but they all have me going all the way back to Sioux Falls. That’s 1,000 miles. Have to think hard before agreeing.

To paraphrase the late Johnnie Cochran: “If it doesn’t fit, you can’t commit.”

Tell me that wasn’t good. 🙂 🙂

Virtute et Armis

August 8, 2017

“By valor and arms” the Mississippi state motto.

Left early yesterday and made it to Columbus MS by 5:30 in the PM. Cheep gas and comfort food along the way. I’m hoping to get some work at Mossy Oak during my open-ended hiatus.

Pissing down rain today and the rest of the week doesn’t look promising. Could be staying indoors a lot and continuing my quest for the best chicken in garlic sauce.

Got a couple of offers for Sioux Falls and Garden City but if things work out here (or even if they don’t), the 2,200 mile loop to those venues then on to El Dorado AR is cost prohibitive. Only 250 miles from here to AR.

The need, for internet speed. I have it at the Motel 6. One of the fastest I’ve seen on the road. May activate my Netflix account.

Motel 6 speed Columbus MS


Included is a big ass TV with plenty of stations and all HBOs. Fridge/micro round off the amenities.

PHC Classic 2017 – Round 3

August 6, 2017

My player is Ruixin Liu.

-3 has us tied for 4th..

How about this for a royal kick in the gonads. On the eight hole Rachael tells me she signed a contract which allows them to pick her caddie so this is my last week. So I’m looking for a bag for the remainder of the season.

PHC Classic 2017 – Round 2

August 5, 2017

My player is Ruixin Liu.

Five under today ties us for sixth. Yesterday we were even. A good score considering the weather.

Then there was this:

Stephen Curry says playing in pro golf tournament is ‘amazing experience’

When it comes to the Rules of Golf, ‘intent’ has become an unfortunate dog-whistle for ‘honesty’

Lydia Ko heading back to New Zealand for longest spell in four years

PHC Classic 2017 – Thursday

August 3, 2017

My player is Ruixin Liu.

A scheduled practice day for the field was interrupted my weather at 9:30 and all play was suspended due to dangerous conditions. The result was one of the largest attended rules seminars that was scheduled for 10:00. With nothing else to do, it was a captive audience. Eight “definitions” were covered.

The all clear came directly after the seminar ended. Perfect timing. But wait, more storms hit around 2:00 but I was long gone.

Tomorrow’s climate looks nasty. High wind and rain. It’ll be a day of survival I’m sure.

PHC Classic 2017 – Pro-Am

August 2, 2017

My player is Ruixin Liu.

Our team didn’t show so we teamed up with two other pros with the same fate. Played thirteen holes and called it a day.

Rachel has a few horses back in China (all rescues) and her favorite is G300. I named him Rusty after the Seinfeld episode where Kramer was driving a handsome cab to earn a few extra bucks.

Rusty is not just a broken down nag but an accomplished thoroughbred. In fact, he won the Hong Kong Derby twice but in China, unless the horse is extra special, it’s off to the dog food factory instead of the pasture when it has expended its value.



Little Yellow

While Rachel is back home, I be looking for work for Sioux Falls and Garden City. Either that or club caddie in Mississippi.

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