Hello Sioux Falls

Arrived at 2:30 in the afternoon.

Left Columbus MS Thursday morning. It was a short drive to Holly Springs National Forest ranger station in Oxford, Mississippi to pick up my lifetime America The Beautiful pass for $10. A computer snafu had me waiting but didn’t make much difference to me.

Those bastards at Pep Boys tried to eff me again. Ever since Harris MI (barley started after sitting for a few days), I knew my battery was on its last legs and this morning I got another warning. Stared slow so I decided on a replacement.

A few days earlier, I received an email from Pep Boys stating that the $15 credit I earned form my fuel pump replacement was going to expire at the end of next month. The only store along my route was in Springfield MO so I scheduled a stop and overnight stay.

After all was said and done, the bill came to $130. A little steep I thought but paid it none the less and went along my way. Then I decided to scrutinize the charges. Noticed extras I wasn’t told about and they didn’t even apply my credit. Back I went and received a $30 refund. That’s more like it. If you ever decide to use Pep Boys, make sure all charges are explained before authorizing repairs. They always add on extras. Then get a second opinion.

Omaha was my next stop. Used some reward points and received a free night at the Rodeway Inn. Sweet.

AC acting up again. Made an appointment at Firestone in Omaha for this morning but they didn’t have it and couldn’t fit me in. Will stop there again on the 4th on the way to Garden City. The recharge is free but need to find the leak.

Before you suggest getting another car,  I’d rather pay a few hundred than many thousands. Still runs great. Oops! Just put it on myself. 😦


One Response to Hello Sioux Falls

  1. Ozzcaddy says:

    Larry, Pep Boys are just doing things similar to what motor dealers do with fixed price servicing. The fixed price only covers about 4 items, and then when the service is done they add the extra’s on that the customer has not authorized.

    I used to have my Honda Accord serviced at Walmart as the fixed price was the same any where in the US. The car needed 4.5 litres of oil, and Walmart would use a 5 litre container and charge for the 5 litres, but did not give me the extra 0.5 of oil left over. Until I demanded it or they discounted the price. I always walked away with the left over oil.

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