Guardian Championship 2017 – Round 1

September 22, 2017

“Chocolate Chip” Wall has made an appearance. Up from his digs in Biloxi, he followed Kristy McPherson and Kendall Dye.

As Tom is my witness in the caddie tent, I picked Yu Liu to win this week.

Looks like the ban on caddies in player dining has been rescinded or never was in effect at all. The proper badge gets access to a feedbag of extravagance. I wonder who instituted the decree in the first place?

While having my old filling removed yesterday, the multiple injections of lidocaine just didn’t seem like they were enough so a few more were added. Throughout the wait for the extra numbing to kick in, I recalled my childhood trips to the dentist. The only time an injection was used was during an extraction. Otherwise, I was told to raise my hand when the pain became unbearable. Of course the dentist never stopped drilling. Would never finish if he did. To compound the unpleasantness, the drilling instrument was underpowered and driven by a belt – much like a fan belt on a car – and emitted an acrid aroma of burning rubber.

The dentist and his assistant were appalled by my tale of woe. Those were the dark ages compared to now but we did get our choice of lollypop when leaving. Have to get that next cavity started ASAP. 🙂

Then there was this:

Canton native Renee Powell to be enshrined in PGA of America Hall of Fame


Guardian Championship 2017 – Thursday

September 21, 2017

Back before the season began, I visited an Aspen Dental office in Tampa. Aspen is nationwide so I figured if work was needed, they would have access to my records and x-rays. Two cavities were found (bottom right and bottom left) but I postponed treatment. Well, a couple weeks ago the bottom left tooth was starting to become oversensitive so I made an appointment for the office in Montgomery for this morning.

Twice I told them the pain was in the bottom left tooth but where do you think the dentist swabbed the topical anesthetic? You got it. The bottom right. That’s where it was marked on the chart. DOH!

Tom and me were having our morning coffee outside the Super 8 and was joined by a fellow traveler. He was from Brownsville Tennessee – a small town just west of Mammoth Cave – and was heading to Florida for his granddaughter’s wedding.

We touched on multiple subjects and travel was one. I noted that everyone should drive cross-country at least once, given the fact that early settlers made the trip on foot and not horseback as in the movies. This brought to mind that last year a man was walking south to Florida – through Brownsville – rolling a huge rubber globe. It was his way to raise awareness regarding the scourge of diabetes.

I couldn’t believe what I just heard. I ran into the same guy in Hobe Sound Florida back in 2011. He was heading north at the time and we chatted for a bit. This is the way I found him back then and an article regarding his trek. Very small world (no pun intended) indeed.

Man with blobe Hobe Sound 2011


Then there was this:

Patriots coach Bill Belichick uses golf example to explain offensive line struggles

ShopRite sends a truck filled with food and supplies to Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston

Guardian Championship 2017 – Tuesday

September 19, 2017

Looking for a bag but not very hard.

The LPGA club repair and fitness trailers are here in Prattville Alabama and there are police stationed at the front entrance. I also heard the food for the players will also be the same as when the big tour played here. Just like the old days.

One thing that isn’t like the old days is the  family and caddie access to the clubhouse grub. Heard an email went out instructing the players that family and caddies (caddies in bold print) are not allowed to dine with the contestants.

Kudos to “Country Club Mike” on the first annual Troublefield Invitational held at Mossy Oak Country Club.

Mike Troublefiled and players 2017

Here is his post on Facebook.

“I want to thank Boyce Adams, chairman of Old Waverly junior golf foundation for having these lovely Symetra tour players here in West Point and sponsoring this event

As well I want to thank Kim Welch, Jesse Tang, Casey Kennedy, Kristin Coleman, Christine Song, Kaitlyn Price, Csicsi Rozsa and Michelle Piyapattra.

When I was touring as a caddy, I always said that I would help caddies, players try to reach their dreams when my caddying days are up. Through The Troublefield Invitational, I will be able to do just that. Next year it will be bigger and better.”

Csicsi Rozsa banked the $2000 first place prize with a stellar 66.

Mike and Csi Csi

Murphy USA Shootout 2017 – Round 3

September 17, 2017

My player is Kendall Dye.

Slow start but we played the back one under. Shot +3.

Played with Katelyn Sepmoree all three rounds and she birdied the par 3 seventh every day. Had an ace on the same hole last year.

Eighteen is a very reachable par 5. In fact, we hit six iron the last two days. But there’s a catch. It is one of the most diabolical greens on the course. But instead of putting the pin in the middle, giving the field and fans a chance to see some eagles, it was placed front right. Sitting on a knoll, it was a true sucker pin. The raised surface slopes away and falls off into a collection area and the return chip (or putt) is no bargain. May not get up or may go back to the front of the green.

Murphy USA Shootout 2017 – Round 1 and 2

September 16, 2017

My player is Kendall Dye.

Even yesterday and two over today. We be playin’ tomorrow.

We played late/early but today seemed hotter. Extremely humid.

If the greens weren’t holding, this would be an impossible course. Every one has a false front, false sides and multi levels. The bunkers suck also. Many plugged lies.

Then there was this:

Day makes ace, donates car to Evans Scholars

Murphy USA Shootout 2017 – Thursday Pro-Am

September 14, 2017

My player is Kendall Dye.

It was our turn in the pro-am. Only nine holes after we switched at the turn with Becca Huffer. Yesterday everyone had to play eighteen.

Looks like there was very little impact from Irma in Venice FL, home of the 2nd stage Q-School.

I heard the China event I declined to go to was brutally hot (over 100°) and as hilly as French Lick.

Then there was this:

South Florida-based golfers still sifting through Irma damage

Murphy USA Shootout 2017 – Tuesday

September 12, 2017

My player is Kendall Dye.

The plan was to play nine in the afternoon but remnants of Irma put the kibosh on that,

Drove to Oklahoma City Sunday then on to El Dorado yesterday. Walked the course in the afternoon but not before I lunched at the local Wendy’s. Ordered a large chili and a cup of water and was charged for the water by a trainee. Resolved that problem but the chili was worth the effort. So thick I could have eaten it with a fork.

Bad news for the LPGA China event that was scheduled for the first week of October and moved from Beijing to Shanghai. It has been canceled due to permit problems.  No one will lose any cash over reservations. That will be covered.

Nice divot pattern from last week.

golf divots

Also from last week. Unfortunately (or not), you have to travel to Colorado to buy it.

hemp ice cream

Then there was this:

Dudes play golf while girl face plants during live report

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