Garden City Classic 2017 – Round 1

September 8, 2017

My player is Kendall Dye.

Posted –4. Good start.

Had the Mayor of Garden City scoring for us today. The honorable Melvin Dale.

Most holes facing south have a line on a forward tee. Used a few today. Good thing. Wind was howling and will continue the rest of the week.

Played the back nine yesterday. On the final hole, I shot the reflector at the front of the green with my Bushnell and it corresponded to what Kendall walked off. Only one problem. When we arrived at the green the reflector was resting against a fence post but I swear I saw it in the viewfinder by the green. You may hum the theme from The Twilight Zone now. 🙂

Drove to the Clutter house featured in the book “In Cold Blood” yesterday. It ends at a private drive with a no trespassing sign. I couldn’t see it. Too much corn.

Then there was this:

What’s gone wrong with Ko this season?

What are your golf superstitions? Mine was that while my player was putting, I didn’t want anyone standing between her and the hole in my line of vision. Broke that long ago.


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