Guardian Championship 2017 – Tuesday

Looking for a bag but not very hard.

The LPGA club repair and fitness trailers are here in Prattville Alabama and there are police stationed at the front entrance. I also heard the food for the players will also be the same as when the big tour played here. Just like the old days.

One thing that isn’t like the old days is the  family and caddie access to the clubhouse grub. Heard an email went out instructing the players that family and caddies (caddies in bold print) are not allowed to dine with the contestants.

Kudos to “Country Club Mike” on the first annual Troublefield Invitational held at Mossy Oak Country Club.

Mike Troublefiled and players 2017

Here is his post on Facebook.

“I want to thank Boyce Adams, chairman of Old Waverly junior golf foundation for having these lovely Symetra tour players here in West Point and sponsoring this event

As well I want to thank Kim Welch, Jesse Tang, Casey Kennedy, Kristin Coleman, Christine Song, Kaitlyn Price, Csicsi Rozsa and Michelle Piyapattra.

When I was touring as a caddy, I always said that I would help caddies, players try to reach their dreams when my caddying days are up. Through The Troublefield Invitational, I will be able to do just that. Next year it will be bigger and better.”

Csicsi Rozsa banked the $2000 first place prize with a stellar 66.

Mike and Csi Csi


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