Guardian Championship 2017 – Round 1

“Chocolate Chip” Wall has made an appearance. Up from his digs in Biloxi, he followed Kristy McPherson and Kendall Dye.

As Tom is my witness in the caddie tent, I picked Yu Liu to win this week.

Looks like the ban on caddies in player dining has been rescinded or never was in effect at all. The proper badge gets access to a feedbag of extravagance. I wonder who instituted the decree in the first place?

While having my old filling removed yesterday, the multiple injections of lidocaine just didn’t seem like they were enough so a few more were added. Throughout the wait for the extra numbing to kick in, I recalled my childhood trips to the dentist. The only time an injection was used was during an extraction. Otherwise, I was told to raise my hand when the pain became unbearable. Of course the dentist never stopped drilling. Would never finish if he did. To compound the unpleasantness, the drilling instrument was underpowered and driven by a belt – much like a fan belt on a car – and emitted an acrid aroma of burning rubber.

The dentist and his assistant were appalled by my tale of woe. Those were the dark ages compared to now but we did get our choice of lollypop when leaving. Have to get that next cavity started ASAP. 🙂

Then there was this:

Canton native Renee Powell to be enshrined in PGA of America Hall of Fame


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