Symetra Tour Championship 2017

Had Wanansa Zhou as second alternate. She decided not to stick around after a torrential downpour put a halt to play at 9:50.

Play was scheduled to resume at 2:30 but was changed to 4 but was eventually postponed for the day.

As we were sitting in the foyer of the clubhouse during the storm, I noticed the front door was askew leaving a gap at the top and bottom. Instead of fixing the maladjusted portal to plumb, it looked as if the bottom was planed to allow it to close. But that was a minor problem compared to the gap in the overhang allowing a torrent of water to flow inside the door when it was closed. Looked like a decorative waterfall.

They’re playing the Jones Course and the putting surfaces have been redone but the contours have remained the same. The green’s collars (not to be confused with collard greens) have barley grown in and the transition to the green is indiscernible in places.

Staying at Louie’s with Rick and he’s cooking up a storm. Spaghetti with meat balls, pork chops, chicken tikka masala and linguine with clam sauce so far. It’s Rick’s turn tonight with steak.

Looking for a second stage bag if anyone has a lead.


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