Thoughts From The Road

From Mike Troublefield:

I wanted to run away and join the circus again but I didn’t, for now. When I left Mississippi, it was cold, around 25 degrees. My job at “The Hope” (CareerBuilder) last week was great for making contacts and having a place to stay in Rancho Mirage at Dave Kaunoa’s place (volunteer Dave). If you know the LPGA golf family, you know Dave.

The weather was great. Cool in the mornings and warming up by the middle of the round. Therefore, I found myself shedding layers of Mossy Oak outdoors gear, which I brought along, knowing I would need it in the early mornings in The Coachella Valley.

The gear was also handy at a Monday qualifier, at El Camino Country Club, and the Wednesday morning pro-am.

Tiger went off at his usual early time, 6:40 am to be exact. He went off number 1 on the north course and I was 7:40 am on the same course but opposite side. It’s odd and familiar to look up and see a large crowd be following so early but not in Tiger’s case. In my caddy career on the ladies tour, these crowds were reserved for Annika and later on, Lorena, who is one of my all times favorite golfers and humanitarians. Tiger, because of how he played the game in his prime and how he will play the game from here forth.

My plans were to do some caddying on the west coast swing. I felt good walking but if you know west coast grass on golf courses, it can be a mean walk. So instead, I’m going home to Mississippi and finish my project with roadside stand, BBQ, and thrift store. There’s also an August Wilson play reading I’m involved in at The Columbus Arts Council later on in Feb.

There is life after caddying. But I am looking to caddy The US Women’s Open end of May and early June. This is the golf course which led me to West Point Mississippi and Mossy Oak. I am speaking of Shoal Creek in Birmingham. A city and golf course which was steeped in political and race issues.

I’m going home to Mississippi, which is only 2 hrs. east of Birmingham, and part of that same world which I above mentioned, but it’s home.

If I get a job or not for the open at Shoal Creek, I will be giving a barbeque and food fair no more than 4 miles from the course at a friend’s house. We will also have a fishing contest with the winner getting free Mossy Oak gear.

Looking forward to a rewarding year and beyond as I continue to think about rejoining the circus.


2 Responses to Thoughts From The Road

  1. Gnossos says:

    What is the difference between “west coast grass” and the others? Thanks in advance.

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