A Good Walk Unspoiled

Followed Lotta and Mark during today’s round of the ANA Inspiration Legends Day. The team shot a stellar ten under par and Mark toted Lotta’s tour sack all the way. I was there for backup just in case.

Lotta and Mark ANA Inspiration

As we walked to the 17th tee, Mark waved me over and asked if I would put the bag on my shoulder and wondered if I thought it was heavy. I thought it was a little and then he told me the reason why. They were used to having it on a buggy and forgot to pull out the two dozen extra pellets that were tucked away inside!

Had dinner with Dianne and Mark Scott Friday at La Casita Restaurant. We caught up (with me doing most of the talking Smile) and laughed throughout the entire time.

In exchange for a place to rest my head, Dave had a few chores lined up. The blinds in the guest bedroom had a gap between the slats but turned out that one of the cords were maladjusted. No problem.

The vertical blinds in Dave’s room would not close all the way which let too much light enter the room. After watching a fix on YouTube, I got them to close but I think the plastic gears are stripped and have to be replaced.

Finally, a new HP all-in-one computer Dave purchased was running at a snail’s pace. That one was easy.  I performed a reset and now it’s running fine.

Along with a new ride, I finally replaced my ancient Lenovo laptop with another of the same brand. This one is a 710 Yoga with a 256 GB SSD, 8 GB of RAM and a 1HD screen. Nice.


2 Responses to A Good Walk Unspoiled

  1. destin100 says:

    Hey Larry it’s Tom I think that the US Women’s Senior Open you going to have to carry the bag kind of surprised that Mark was having trouble I know I’ll carrying Sally’s bag she’s coming over from the South Africa I’m sure she’s going to bring the big one hope to see you there there are some reasonable hotels around I booked one at the Regent I think which is pretty close to the golf course glad to see you’re back on tour thanks Tom

    Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

  2. Dave says:

    Nice that Mark could still do it.
    More chores this week.

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