Stairway To Heaven?

More like Hades. Tuesday, Mark asked if I would like to go on a hike the next day and I said sure. Little did I know what type of hell he had in store.

First of all, he picks me up at noon (not the best time of day to start a hike in Palm Springs) and headed for the trailhead.

We hiked the Araby Trail which took us passed Bob hope’s former residence which sits high up on the mountain. We rested there and Mark checked his watch. He noted that it usually took thirty minutes to get to that point but we did it in fifteen. Thanks Mark!

Araby Trailhead

We were fifteen minutes from the top and he gave me the option to go on or head back. I told him it was like watching a bad movie with only a few minutes remaining. You watch to the end. So we continued on.

Mark on Araby Trail

My heart was pounding and legs turning to Jell-O but I was resolute to finish the hike. Mark was equipped with hiking poles and shoes to match while I wore a pair of Hoka sneakers. Not a fair match in my estimation. That’s as good an excuse as any for not keeping up.

Mark and Larry Araby Trail end

Of course, a selfie was mandatory at the top.

The way down settled my heart but the rest of me was doing an impression of Gumby.

Mark made a friend just before we finished. His name was Jack.

Mark and horse

I thought there would be more hell to pay this morning but I was wrong. Felt pretty good.

Went to the course this morning. Christie Kerr and Shanshan were paired together. From a distance, I couldn’t tell them apart. SmileOnly had a gallery of 30 or so.

Brooke Henderson had a good gallery. Plenty of Canadians down here this time of year.

As a few of the caddies were standing by the putting green on Monday, A warning of “Here comes the dragon lady,” was uttered and I responded with, “Which one?” It was Lucy Li’s mom.


2 Responses to Stairway To Heaven?

  1. Ozzcaddy - Stephen Petrie says:

    Larry, wait til tomorrow. It is always 2 days after exercise when the pain, stiffness and whatever else kicks in.

    Next time, if there is a next time, drive up to Bob Hopes former residence and walk from there. Only a suggestion!

  2. Hendrik Sharples says:

    So Shanshan is a size 4, just like Christie? I wouldn’t have guessed that.

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