There Will Be Blood

Spent a few hours at the course yesterday then headed back. Had one more chore to do at Dave’s.

The bougainvillea was out of control but it was no match for my loppers. I went deep on the pruning but they did not give up without a fight. A couple thorns went through my Crocks and a few attacked my arm.

bloody arm

Ran into Angela Then while having her grips changed on Tuesday. Worked for her at second stage and Bully worked for her sister Gabby. She’s in the field this week but has a “real job” on the side.

Angela Then business card  small

My brother made it through surgery and on his way to recovery.

Ron recovering cropped

Then there was this:

LPGA Kingsmill Championship announces Geico as …


2 Responses to There Will Be Blood

  1. Ozzcaddy - Stephen Petrie says:

    Good news on your brother now on the road to recovery.

    Are you sure you have blood running through your veins, as the colour looks different, not bright red.

  2. Leroy Strickland says:

    Good to hear that your brother had a successful surgery. Now comes a difficult phase of recovery! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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