Plans Change

The plan was to head to Prescott and help another caddie with some home projects but she’s down with the flu so Tucson was Plan B and do a hike with Quiet Dave but I didn’t figure on Plan C. Dave is letting me stay one more week so I did some sightseeing.

I’ve driven by the General Patton Memorial Museum so many times but never stopped. So yesterday morning I took the 45 mile drive to Chirico Summit and the museum.

They played a movie on how Patton developed his desert warfare training center which was very informative. Also had a decent assortment of World War II memorabilia and decommissioned tanks and other vehicles.

Patton statue 2

Rosie poster 2

staff car

Patton dies 2

Afterward, I stopped by the Salton Sea.

Salton Sea 2

Then there was this:

Local surfers help LPGA golfer find keys at Makaha Beach

Inside Lines: Meadow closes in on card with win


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