Still On The Move

I wasn’t sure if it would be too much to do a hike two days in a row but I took the chance. Hiked with Mark yesterday and it’s getting easier each time. Hit the Sunrise Café once more this time for lunch. Burgers all around.

Our route wasn’t in the AllTrails app but we recorded it for posterity.

Here’s a map of the one I did solo the other day.

Given the Saturday finish for the Lotte event, practice rounds are allowed and caddies may walk the course at Wilshire CC but unfortunately, it looks like the yardage books will not be ready till sometime this afternoon.

Today was tree trimming day. The backyard looks spiffy.

Then there was this:

LPGA Tournament Gets Lesson in Hollywood History


One Response to Still On The Move

  1. Ozzcaddy - Stephen Petrie says:

    Wilshire CC was a course I thoroughly enjoyed. You just can’t bomb it everywhere, you need a strategy and be precise with shots to the green. My most favourite hole was a Par 5 (can’t remember the Hole Number – back nine I think) with large kidney shaped green with water in front waiting for an errant shot or for those going for the green in two.

    With the pin stuck far left with water in front, the easiest, safest and fun way to play it is to lay the second shot to the front of the green. With a very steep slope back right, you throw the ball into the slope and watch it slingshot across the green to the left in the area where the pin will be.

    It will take a few practice go’s during practice rounds to find exactly where on the slope to hit ball to. HAVE FUN.

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