The Big Ditch

Left “the Springs” Monday. Stopped in Kingman for a walkabout and a bite at Mr D’z Route “66” Diner. Had a chilidog and fries. It was HUGE! Should have stopped halfway but … Took a while to digest. The ice cream sundaes and floats looked fantastic but no room in the gullet.

It’s an old-fashion diner playing 50’S and 60’s music and full of memorabilia of the era. Well worth a stop if you’re going through.

Revisited the Grand Canyon. The last time was when I left my job at American Greetings in Cleveland and headed west in a motorhome. Hit all the National Parks I could. Spent the winter in San Diego and worked the Kathryn Crosby/Honda Civic Classic in Rancho Bernardo for Gloria Ehret. The rest is history. I was hooked. But I digress.

Walked the Rim Trail. 6.7 miles later I was heading to Tucson.

me at the rim

During my initial visit, I went down the Bright Angel Trail then split off to the Plateau Point Trail. Round trip was 12 miles! Of course, the worst part is saved for last. You have to go back up.

Plateau Point arrow

Three pregnant elk were feeding among all the visitors by the park headquarters and hotels. Seemed tame as a goldfish but we were warned not to get close.

Stopped in the Hopi House which sells Native American arts and crafts. Check out the price tag on this pot. Big wampum!

735 dollar pot

They’re laughing all the way to the tee-pee.

laughing Hopi mask



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