Parts is Parts

When I changed the cabin air filter (located behind the glove box) on both Rick’s and my car (2010 Avalon), I noticed mine was missing the glove box dampener. All it does is let the box drop slowly instead of slamming to a stop. Knowing that the Toyota dealer was not an option because of the cost, I stopped in Barry’s U Pull It, just outside of Biloxi, on my way back from the west coast.

After searching the lot for some time, I was about to bag it but something told me to keep going. I eventually found an upscale Camry. The glove box was removed and sitting on the seat with dampener attached. After removing the screw, it was mine. Cost me a dollar to get in and another one for the part. There’s gold in them there junkyards.

glove bow dampener

When Scraper was here, he disposed of a large tree, that was protruding into the overhead wires, with a chainsaw. He cut it down to the stump but I was surprised to find that it had grown back with a vengeance. The stalks were already five feet tall! I cut it back once more and decided to try and kill the stump according to an internet article.

I drilled vertical holes in the stump and filled them with Epsom salt. I then covered it to so the sun could not help in its rejuvenation. Hopefully, it will be dead in a few months.

Heard the new course in Texas is not in the best of shape. Good greens but fairways and bunkers have been described as scruffy.

Picked up an HDMI cable from Best Buy and was addressed as “bud” going in and “boss man” at the register. Must be casual Tuesday. Smile


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