Valley Forge Invitational – Monday

My player is Hyemin Kim.

Touched them all yesterday but today’s planned afternoon nine today was washed out.

Walked eight holes on Sunday then ran into amateur play. Luckily, eight green is as close to the clubhouse as one could get. The ninth does not come back to the barn.

The first eight holes are a real snooze-fest but then you’re hit with a triple espresso that wakes you right up. The rest of the course is totally different with plenty of character. The eleventh will give players fits. The hazard on the right will catch plenty of tee balls and it’s easy to go through the fairway into the trees or get stuck on a mound in deep rough. I’m sure a Rules Official will be stationed there throughout.

Walked some holes with a local caddie who’s looping for Shasta Everhart. He helped me quite a bit. Gave me some inside info like the tenth hole won’t be played from the tips because it’s six-hundred effing yards! Thanks pal. He did have a laser but not a yardage book.

Upstate Jay is here looking for a bag.

This could be one of the best backdrops in golf. Smile

Larry and Limerick Nuclear Power Plant small

Limerick Nuclear Generating Station radiates with picturesque photo opportunities. Wonder if they’re going to pass out Potassium Iodide pills on the first tee?

Do you have a bunch of dull golf pencils you just can’t sharpen correctly? Instead of trashing the little buggers, buy the Kutsuwa STAD Angle Adjustable Pencil Sharpener for cheap from Amazon and use the number one setting. Works like a charm.

Then there was this:

Carol Mann, who won 38 times on the LPGA Tour, dies at 77


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