Valley Forge Invitational-Round 1

My player is Hyemin Kim.

Doubled the last to shoot +4. Need to get them all back tomorrow.

Everyone tees off one number one this week. No split tees. The tenth is too far away. Just like the US Open used to be. Smile

Only one pro-am this week and it was yesterday morning. The final group was 2:40 and play was allowed after but if you wished to play the back nine, you had to make the turn by 5:00. The math does not let many groups continue on in fact, Samantha Richdale, Kristy McPherson and Hyemin were the first to line up and the only ones to play the back nine.We made the turn with a minute to spare. Plenty of practice and great fun.

I’m staying at the America’s Best Worst Value Inn in Pottstown. For some reason, motel rooms in this area are outrageous. This is the least expensive and and most ABVI’s, it’s a bit of a dump. I’m ground floor so the carpet is filthy, the bathtub drain doesn’t, and I saw something scurry across the floor the other night. Way too big for a roach.

The Monday qualifier at the Volvik Championship was a real cluster f*** I heard. It was held off-site, there were no yardage books, it pissed down rain and had to ne completed on Tuesday and no matter how many holes you had remaining, a caddie was mandatory. Many of the caddies who work the Monday could not continue and had to loop for their regular player so another body had to be found. But the coup de grâce was the pin sheet. The nines were reversed!

If a qualifier is off-site, why not let the players use a laser?


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