Prasco Championship – Round 2

June 30, 2018

My player is Kristy McPherson.

Lost ground with an even par round. Have to go low tomorrow.

The first and tenth tees are hundreds of yards apart but the range is next to the tenth. No shuttles are provided so extra time is needed if you’re off one.

As the story goes, yesterday, a player was off number one and after warming up, told her local caddie to meet her on the tee. He did, with a minute to spare, but without the clubs! What’s worse, he thought leaving the sticks behind was comical and had a smirk on his face. He would have been fired but the player had an injured shoulder and couldn’t carry the bag herself. She got two extra blows on the card for the violation. Got to love them local caddies. Smile

I was invited to a Reds game with a 4:00 start but had to decline. Had enough hours in 90° heat.

Then there was this:

Rules violation causes LPGA veteran Lee-Anne Pace to be disqualified mid-round

Sacramento’s Natalie Gulbis on LPGA comeback trail. Next up, golf with Steph Curry and the stars

Dana Dormann Named Women’s Golf Coach

Prasco Championship – Round 1

June 29, 2018

My player is Kristy McPherson.

Birdied the last two for –3. Good start.

“Upstate Jay” is in the house looping for Lorie Kane.  Found him in the parking lot after the pro-am with car trouble. He left his headlights on and was getting a jump start from Janie Jackson. Lucky I came over. He had the cables on the wrong terminals.

Upstae Jay getting a jump start small

Spotted this vanity plate. Interesting.

vanity plate XNOMRPH small

Prasco Championship – Wednesday

June 27, 2018

My player is Kristy McPherson.

We played the back nine after an hour and a half wait on the tee. Many players played the front yesterday before thunderstorms put a halt to that so they all wished to play the back.

Had dinner with “Coffee Joe” and his wife Suzanne yesterday. They’re hosting Bully for the week so he rounded off the foursome.

Joe made his “meatloaf extravaganza” but not in the usual way. Instead of a giant ten pounder (that may be an exaggeration) he made mini-loafs using a muffin tin. Corn on the cob and cheesy potatoes finished off the main course. Bully contributed the desert. He conjured up a custard pie using his mom’s recipe. Add in hours of laughter and a perfect evening was had by all.

Bully Joe and Larry 06.26.18

Then there was this:

LPGA Tour pro Cindy LaCrosse pays adoption fees, donates to animal shelters

Prasco Championship – Tuesday

June 26, 2018

My player is Kristy McPherson.

We’re playing TPC River’s Bend this week and is by far the best course I’ve seen on the Symetra Tour. Got out early and walked it. After the second hole, I had the entire course to myself. Sweet.

Here’s my Airbnb for this week. Right next to the Cincinnati Golf Center and Kings Island Amusement Park.

Then there was this:

PGA Tour investigating Bryson DeChambeau’s use of compass during tournaments

Island Resort Championship – Round 2 and 3

June 25, 2018

My player is Kristy McPherson.

-3 in round two and three more under on Sunday. Finished T4.

We were paired with Maia Schechter the first two rounds. Maia has a big swing arc and, combined with a silky smooth tempo, is probably one the longer players out here. I told Kristy she should be sponsored by SpaceX cause she just “launches it”. In fact, that’s going to be nickname for her.

Three players received a two shot penalty on Saturday when their caddies took an unauthorized cart ride. One player missed the cut by a shot and another by two.

Seemed like the  Havercamps from Caddyshack were our riding scorers on Saturday. Came close to running over two balls and drove away at the end of the round without unloading our gear at the end of the round. We knew there was a problem after the introductions on the first tee. ”That’s a peach, hun!”

Talked a bit to our scorer after the round yesterday. Turned out he used to volunteer at the LPGA in East Lansing.

I have three stays with Airbnb coming up. We’ll see how that goes.

Then there was this:

Heather Angell excited about playing in first LPGA major

Island Resort Championship – Round 1

June 22, 2018

My player is Kristy McPherson.

Birdied the last for –1.

Island Resort Championship – Thursday

June 21, 2018

My player is Kristy McPherson.

Nine holes today and we be done.

Pro-Am yesterday. It was uglySmile

The Island Resort course received four inches of rain Sunday evening but was surprisingly in good shape when I walked it Tuesday. Only one puddle could be found and we didn’t even have to keep our carts on the path in the Pro-Am.

Fantastic internet speed this week at my motel. 85mbps down and 5 up. I have a handicap room even though I haven’t played in years Smile.

The US Senior Women’s Open (here are the qualifiers so far) is the same week as the LPGA Marathon Classic in Toledo and the Symetra Donald Ross Classic in French Lick. Personally, the LPGA event is my preference to work with the Senior Open second. French Lick is too hilly and too expensive.

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