Four Winds Invitational – Round 1

My player is Min Lee.

Good start. Shot –3.

Perfect weather (while we were playing at least) and they ate it up. Could be an under par cut if things stay the same.

Unfortunately, more boomers in the forecast. It’s going to be a long second round and Sunday doesn’t look much better.

After the drum ceremony prior to the beginning of the first round, the National Anthem was sung by a former American Idol contestant. No one took a knee.

I was the only looper in the group and Min pointed that out on the first tee. Jokingly, I made it known that tips were accepted and received a look of derision and wordless rebuke (kind of a grunt) from one of our playing partners. Hey, it was only a joke, maybe. 🙂 Did get help with some pins from Min, which was nice


One Response to Four Winds Invitational – Round 1

  1. Tiny Johnson says:

    Whew!! Glad Min helped…those pins can be super heavy!!! Especially for a man of your age! 👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻

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