Forsyth Classic – Thursday

June 14, 2018

My player is Kristy McPherson.

The chance of snagging a loop was minimal so the plan was to watch The Open all week. I didn’t even go to the course today. Then I got the call (actually a text). Kristy’s looper couldn’t make it and I had a job. I’ll be on her bag next week also.

The duo to watch this week is Doris Chen with “Businessman Bill” on the bag. He’s visiting from the PGA Tour.

We don’t get FS1 at our hotel but that didn’t shut us out of viewing The Open. I hooked up my PC to the TV and streamed the USGA coverage then Tom logged in to DirecTV Now for the FS1 feed. Perfect!

Then there was this:

PGA of America pres arrested, charged with DUI


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