Prasco Championship – Wednesday

June 27, 2018

My player is Kristy McPherson.

We played the back nine after an hour and a half wait on the tee. Many players played the front yesterday before thunderstorms put a halt to that so they all wished to play the back.

Had dinner with “Coffee Joe” and his wife Suzanne yesterday. They’re hosting Bully for the week so he rounded off the foursome.

Joe made his “meatloaf extravaganza” but not in the usual way. Instead of a giant ten pounder (that may be an exaggeration) he made mini-loafs using a muffin tin. Corn on the cob and cheesy potatoes finished off the main course. Bully contributed the desert. He conjured up a custard pie using his mom’s recipe. Add in hours of laughter and a perfect evening was had by all.

Bully Joe and Larry 06.26.18

Then there was this:

LPGA Tour pro Cindy LaCrosse pays adoption fees, donates to animal shelters


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