The Fourth

Had a great 4th of July. First I received the driving tour of Montgomery Ohio and it’s surroundings by Suzanne (she grew up here), Coffee Joe’s better half. Then we took in the parade.

Almost everyone marching in the parade was throwing candy to the children. It was like Halloween in July.

Color Guard[3]

Suzanne making a spectacle with her spectacles.

Suzanne and Larry Motgomery fourth of July parade

Sons of The Revolution.

Sons of the American Revolution

Later, Bully and Joe cooked up a storm of BBQ ribs, chicken and all the fixin’s.

Joe and Bully BBQ 4th of July 2018

4th of July meal


3 Responses to The Fourth

  1. Ozzcaddy - Stephen Petrie says:

    Larry, Tell Coffee Joe, he forgot to throw a shrimp on the barby, which would made the meal complete – enjoy.
    Please pass on my G’days.

  2. kEN cURRIE says:

    Larry, do you know why Colin and Jessica parted?

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