Marathon Classic – Tuesday

July 10, 2018

My player is Kristy McPherson.

Kristy was in the pro-am at Sylvania Country Club so I strolled around Highland Meadows getting used to the new yardage book.

There are plenty of complaints about the book, which is created by a European company No1-Golf, but two opposing camps exist regarding its efficacy.

The biggest complaint is the lack of permanent marks such as sprinkler heads. Instead, geometric shapes (circles, squares, and triangles) of different colors are painted on the fairways. Every year they will be in a different place so a new book will be required.

The second is the timing of their release for purchase. Monday morning is too late for some caddies. If they arrive a day early, the book is not available and it is not sold through the pro shop. A representative of the company sells them.

By the way, I took a gander at one of the greens books. Yikes! That’s one confusing piece of (fill in the blank). All the lines were making me dizzy. Maybe it’s an acquired taste.

Two LPGA veterans have teamed up for this week’s event. Bully and Kim Williams are giving it a go.

Bully and Kim Williams Marathon Classic 2018

New hire.

Missy Jones

Cherries must be in season. Picked some up at Walmart for $1.98 a pound and they’re delicious.

Then there was this:

St. Andrews has a pretty tempting job opening if you love golf and working outdoors


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