Marathon Classic–Round 1

July 13, 2018

My player is Kristy McPherson.

After scrambling back from an early three over start to get back to even, we lost a couple coming in. Shot +2.

Former LPGA pro Debbie Hall was on the tenth tee (our first hole) conducting the Darrell Survey. Said she missed the Senior Open qualifier by two shots. The putter did her in.

There’s plenty more money on the LPGA Tour vs the Symetra Tour but it also comes with an equal share of drama. For example, two caddies were ready to come to blows over the caddie lunch consisting of a variety of pizza.

Apparently, one looper, who has a reputation of pilfering much more than his share from the caddie eats in the past (like taking home a full box of sealed muffins), grabbed two plates piled four pieces each and was chided by his fellow looper. It turned into a heated discussion and a stare down match with an offer to take it to the parking lot to be settled with fists.

Bully was ready to intervene, ala the rumble in Mexico City with Flipper, but held off.

By the way, did you ever have pizza with chicken, cheese and ranch dressing? A layer of ranch was under the cheese and smothered the crust. It was truly disgusting. YUK!

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