Marathon Classic – Round 2

July 14, 2018

My player is Kristy McPherson.

Bad day at Black Rock. We won’t be playing the weekend.

More news on the “pizza pilferer”. Yesterday, he was still in the face of the caddie who stood up to him. This time it was by the putting green.

Also heard that he snatched a bunch of caddie lunch vouchers in Atlantic City and was handing them out to spectators. They offered a substantial discount at the concessions stands or McGettigan’s 19th Hole pub by the course.

Anyone recognize this guy? Heard he caddied on tour at one time.

“Cheeseburger Chad” started a new enterprise in his home town of Columbus OH. He has been flipping houses since January and is looking for investors.

I was invited to dinner at Kristy’s host family yesterday. Ate and drank too much as usual. Two Sol beers had my name on them. Reminded me of the happy hour at the Holiday Inn in Mexico City.

Did you know that when an LPGA pro is about to retire from the tour she gets to pick her pairing in her final event? Danah Bordner will be doing just than in Indianapolis.

This was in the caddie area. Could this be the work of Jeffrey Steffler?

Ana care OFF


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